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     Click the link for a 1-minute overview of Weaver's Archery  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01S6Mty-kyE&feature=youtu.be

Weaver's Archery, an archery pro shop or store, along Route 522 between Selinsgrove and Middleburg, provides quality products and knowledgeable service. We stock many different bow lines including . . .

Service is very important to us. (Keith has over 12 years experience in archery sales and service.) Some of the service features we offer . . .

  • 30 yard Shooting Range (Paper Targets)
  • Techno-Hunt Video Range - Reservations are highly recommended
  • Custom string and cable manufacturing on site  
  • Arrow Cutting & Refletching
  • Bow Tuning (Basic & Super-Tuning) Article
  • Archery Lessons, Pointers and Tips for groups or individuals (Keith is a Level 1 instructor.)
  • Use of the Spot-Hogg Hooter Shooter (automated bow shooting machine).
  • Gift Cards
  • Birthday Parties

In addition to compound bows, crossbows and accessories we also stock

  • Arrows by Carbon Express, Easton, Beman, Victory & GoldTip
  • Bowfishing Equipment - AMS Bowfishing, Muzzy, Cajun, FinFinder
  • Traditional Archery Bows and Accessories
  • Target Archery Supplies - arrows, rests, sights, back tension releases, clarifiers & verifiers
  • Food Plot Supplies - Whitetail Institute
  • Scent Elimination Products
  • Game Calls & Attractant Scents
  • Targets
  • Treestands
  • Casual Wear
  • Do-It-Yourself Arrow Components


We also offer several bow accessory bundles - Providing you with less confusion when setting up your new bow. Click on the packages below to see a photo of included items.